Manual Deploy
If you don’t have an existing project on own local machine that isn’t linked to a Git repository, can manually deploy own site by using deploy dropzone. When the deployment is complete, you can manage your application on the Applications page.
To deploy manually
1. Go to Application page
2. Click the Add application button
3. Click the Deploy manually option.
4. Drag and drop site’s output folder to the deploy dropzone to deploy site.
Deployment starts automatically, and for the manage your application clicks the Manage Application Button.
GitHub Repository
If this is your first application, you’ll need to connect Nucal application to your GitHub account and Authorize NuCAL on GitHub.
• Only can upload the Zip file.
• The zip file should contains the site’s HTML, CSS and JS files.
• Can directly drag & drop or browse your site’s file.
• When want update application should click the Manage>Deploys>Drag&Drop or Browse up to date file.
Things to Pay Attention
• During the uploading process, the page should not refresh.
• Only deploy static front-end websites.
• The maximum upload size is 1 GB.
select template
-Build a web application
connect to github
-Manual Deploy dropzone